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Frequently asked questions

  • How are the products supplied? 
    We buy from people who want to sell their accounts at an affordable price, and we sell them at the best price.
  • How can i contact with you?
    You can contact us via live chat or through Discord.
  • How does the account delivery look like? 
    After your payment is completed successfully, account details will show up on new page, also they will be send to your email address instantly. 
  • How to Buy? 
    To buy directly in the store, you only need a PayPal account with enough funds, but after joining the Discord server, you can also pay with Paysafecard (EU), CS:GO skins (Worldwide), Bitcoin or Ethernum (Worldwide) or with various gift cards.


SINCEFN is a store originally created in 2019 by a fortnite fan who decided that he would be buying fortnite accounts at lower prices and selling them to people so they could get cool accounts without any risk.

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