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All information you provide on our website is safe and no third party has access to it.
The rules on the page are the terms of use and shopping between SinceFn and its customers. Before shopping, you should read all the articles on this page. Before you buy an account from us, please read the T.O.S. While buying an account from us you agree to our T.O.S. SinceFn does not guarantee recieved an account that you've bought! We not guarantee recieve accoutns. SinceFn does not guarantee that account that you've bought would work. In case of invalid account or if account doesn't arrived, we do not refund money, because when you buy the account, you've agreed to our T.O.S. If account doesn't work, we're so sorry, but we cannot refund your money. "The buyer is obligated to cover the delivery cost as per the terms selected during the order placement. The delivery cost is provided by the administrator or the person responsible for order processing. Failure to transfer the delivery cost to the account specified by the seller will result in the funds being considered forfeited."